Meet our

NUTRITION specialist

Corry Tibbs

Profssional Bodybuilder 

Corry Tibbs has many years of training experience as an athlete and a trainer combined. He has played four years Division I basketball at the University of IL at Chicago before playing professionally in the American Basketball Association (ABA). Corry started in athletics at the young age of 4 giving him over 36 years of experience in an athletic environment.

Corry is labeled as an Elite Trainer through The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Currently, he is a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) through ISSA. He is also Certified in Fitness Nutrition (CFN) and Certified in Exercise Therapy (CET).

Corry is a Professional “Natural” Bodybuilder in the (IPE) International Pro Elite Organization.
NPC Nationally Qualified (placed)
Prep Coach (Men & Women)
Men’s Physique Posing Coach
Personal Trainer 15yrs Experience
His approach takes training in a different direction. Corrys’ focus is to create a Family, Culture, and a Lifestyle. With that he believes that nutrition comes first. He is dedicated to your overall health and wellness. Corrys’ motto is “Your goal is MY goal!”

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